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From engaging and intuitive content to result oriented social media strategies. Our team of highly skilled digital marketers and out of the box thinkers will ensure that your brand establishes a strong online presence in no time!.

Driven by creativity and ambition, our aim is to ensure that your vision is reflected in your brand. With the help of our strategic team, we strive towards building a powerful brand for you that will invariably lead to global recognition for your business.



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Planning for Success with the Right Winning Formula

We can help you build your brand’s visibility through effective digital marketing tools. Our entire focus is pooled into generating ideas that are not only unique but are pure digital excellence. From developing innovative brands to building beautiful digital properties – we pride ourselves in creating masterpieces that stand out!

Your digital experience is in safe hands with us. We specialise in full stack marketing solutions that is solely driven by creative flair and strategic thinking. We are always striving towards reaching the highest possible benchmark and quality of work.



Meet the team

Jamie Crowley Jamie Crowley

Jamie, the CEO of Jenga Marketing Solutions, helps businesses boost conversions, generate more sales, increase brand awareness and strengthen their brand presence online.

Brandon Rozario Brandon Rozario

A creative designer with 8+ experience working in very demanding and multicultural environments. He has an innate passion for creating designs that are not only bespoke but meet the client’s vision and needs effectively.

Ruth Omalley Ruth Omalley

Ruth is an experienced Search Engine Optimization specialist with 5+ years solid experience in developing result-oriented SEO Campaigns to efficiently improve online visibility and reach.

Lijo Thomas Lijo Thomas

With more than 4+ years experience in building beautiful digital designs, he is well-versed in developing visually engaging pieces, conversion-focused sites with intuitive.

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